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 Rules: Chatbox

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Rules: Chatbox Empty
PostSubject: Rules: Chatbox   Rules: Chatbox Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2010 9:40 pm

1. Respect everyone. This is a usual rule, and includes both a use of manners as well as your common sense. If you respect someone, they should respect you back. Give a little love and it all comes back to you. ^.^

2. Absolutely do NOT spam in the chatbox! This rule is well enforced, first offense may result in an instant ban, if not a severe warning.

3. No advertising in the chatbox. This includes links and persuading a member to join another forum. Do not go around saying "Well, I finally finished my site! It looks awesome! Just wish someone would join..." or anything to that effect.

4. No inappropriate, racist or unlawful material or discussion in the chatbox. We like to maintain a PG-13 limit on all discussion that occurs in the chatbox, as well as legal discussion. Reason for this is so that we may continue to abide by Forumotion's terms of service. All forms of hacking would fall under the category of unlawful material.

5. Please do not beg anyone for anything. Ask like a normal and civilized person.

6. Asking staff to approve your work here is annoying, so ask once and be patient. If not satisfied with the staff member's pace in which they are working at, contact an administrator with your complaint and ask another staff member to approve your work.

7. What you say is on your conscience in the chatbox. Don't blame it on a "sibling" or it was just misfortune. What you say is what you are responsible for, and you will be the one that is punished.

8. Mild cursing is allowed, just not anything extreme. A highly occasional curse such as 'Dang' or 'Heck' is fine, but nothing else. Anything else will result first in a warning, then second as a temporary ban.

9. Asking to be kicked or banned in the chatbox, regardless of the reason is unacceptable. You'll be banned.. for real! See how that works?

Any violations will result in a warning or an instant-ban.
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Rules: Chatbox
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